Rumours of a new ride coming to Universal

There are always rumours circulating about new rides coming or old ones being shut down at Universal Orlando. But this one looks super exciting!

Of course the Wizarding World is the biggest attraction at Universal Orlando for Harry Potter fans. However there is a new park coming to Universal, called the Epic Universe, and it is rumoured to have a new Harry Potter ride for fans to enjoy. In fact, there is going to be a lifesize set of the Ministry of Magic constructed and this is going to be one of the largest new attractions.

Image source

The rumoured new ride, as reported by Orlando Park Stop, is meant to be an elevator like the ones in the Ministry of Magic. The elevator will be trackless and move in all directions, just like it does in the Harry Potter films. It will focus on a themed story about Dolores Umbridge’s trial in the Ministry and will enable fans to feel as if they are a part of the film.

There has even been a video released depicting what the ride may be like. You can watch this down below.

This new theme park sounds so exciting, especially with all of the Harry Potter themed rides. Who else can’t wait to maybe visit and try this new elevator ride?

Image source of featured image.

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